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Tamon George

Creative thinking starts from within, its starts from the idea that "things can be done differently". This thought, combined with the desire to lead the world to a better future gives rise to innovative and disruptive progress. Small businesses, creative minds, and dreamers alike should have that same desire to change the world through their passion. That is what I believe, and that is why I spend my time building creative concepts and visuals to help businesses share their unique story and value proposition. 

I have been blessed to be equally passionate about two differing - yet equally important components of business. My formal business training, alongside my affinity for creative visuals and appealing aesthetics, has brought me to a unique crossroads of art and commerce. In 2010, I completed my undergraduate degree in Finance and Economics, and in May of 2015, earned a Masters degree in Business. This proverbial artistic intersection has given me an unbridled desire to create, collaborate, and share creativity, while building business.

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