Evrgrn - Outside, Inside In The City

Outside, Inside The City

I’ve never lived in an area known for its great outdoor environment. I’ve never roamed rolling mountaintops or hiked from sunup until sundown. My ability to start a fire in the wild will depend entirely on whether or not I can locate 4G cell service to find step-by-step instructions. To be brutally honest, my outdoor prowess is elementary at best. I am an urbanite.

Living in Washington, D.C., I find it’s easy to spend my days maneuvering the transit system and hustling from building to building, often without a moment to appreciate a blue sky or subtle breeze.

Lately it’s become important to me to redefine what being outdoors means to me. I realized I didn’t need 100-foot oak trees surrounding me to experience what nature has to offer. Getting lost on purpose, exploring the city during a light drizzle, was exactly what I needed to reconnect with my version of the outdoors. The compass on my phone guaranteed my quick return and the weatherproofing on my evrgrn Rollback pack from REI ensured the safety of my laptop and camera.

On my quick trip to the edge of the city, I gave myself an hour to walk and wonder. I saw more concrete than grass, and more gray sky than blue, but the feeling of discovery was the same. The evrgrn line is exactly what it should be, modern, practical and convenient, offering the best of both worlds, inside the city or out. I look forward to more urban rambles, because, frankly, its #BetterOutHere.

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